E Magazine Software aided the process of Digitalization of Publishing

06 May

As the time passes by the world gets increasingly digitalized. Thanks to modern day smart electronic devices, life has become easy and convenient. A lot of essential daily routines can be comfortably completed by these devices. Like everything else the electronic devices changed the way people learn, seek knowledge and get informed. The process found a new impetus in the form of iPad. Carrying magazine, hitherto seen to be ‘learned people’s’ habit suddenly seemed out of date. Besides the internet penetration and smart phones phenomenal growth changed the people’s reading styles to a great extent and opened new avenues to the publishers to reach out millions of prospective customers in a cost effective way and to multiply profits many a folds. Initially it was difficult to create a digital magazine or convert a print magazine into digital. Softwares have been developed quickly to fill this gap. Since then publishing is never same again.

E Magazine Software helps to create a Digital Magazine, which would be accessible as easily as that of a printed magazine. Besides, it enables the publishers to enrich content to give an appealing look to the magazine and new feel to the reader. A variety of features can be added to the e-magazine by the software, in order to make it interesting and to give the reader a new and enthralling experience. The software enables conversion of PDF files into HTML and Flash files. Rich media content like videos and animation can be added throughout the content. The feature like search and page no indexing allows the reader to find quickly what he sees for. Many other features can be integrated depending on the requirement of the publishers.

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